About us

Sincerely thank our customers and partners over the years have trusted, using products HUNG THINH PHAT PTSPM CO.,LTD. To achieve success today, it is thanks to your support.

We are proud to be the sole job shop stilettos women from 1 to 12 inches in the most prestigious. Start with the business model and receive production orders insole heels female form - allowing people to have a supply of shoes in the best way.

Currently the factory is investment in machinery, equipment and modernization. Along with staff, experienced workers, skilled to create the highest quality products and the best price.

With the target set is the quality of products must be a top priority of the products we produce are tested meticulously detailed and so you can feel secure when placed inside our products.

The trust and support of our customers during the past is a source of great encouragement on the way of development of the company, we will constantly perfect, the best customer service to always worthy of belief news.